5 Best Productivity Apps for iPhone Users

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Making use of productivity apps makes it easier to set goals, assign tasks, track progress, and create reports. And this influences us to meet more productivity whether it’s for work, organizing a family vacation, or planning for an event. But productivity apps have different types, and you might not be using the best one for you. So here are some productivity apps for iPhone users.

  1. Apple Notes

This is the best note-taking app for iPhone users. Remember everything and tackle any project with your list, notes, tasks, and schedule all in one app. When you put your notes here, it automatically syncs to all your devices. This helps you work anywhere because it keeps important info handy.  You can also add text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, maps, and documents that make your note more useful. Make your tasks easier to do with your notes with checklists and tap check-off items as you go. 

This app has powerful and flexible searching capabilities that help you to get what you need in a matter of seconds. You can also scan documents to make them handier and save web pages and mark them with arrows, highlights, and texts to make them more useful. Apple Note can secure notes containing sensitive or personal data with a password, keep your notes in folders and subfolders then sort them as you prefer, and create Custom Smart Folders based on one or more tags. You can share and collaborate on entire shared folders, mention friends to alert them to important updates and direct them to a shared note and view the edit times and dates for the note with highlighted text color-coded to match the collaborators who were involved in the creation of the note. Quick Notes can be created on compatible iPad and Mac systems and viewed and edited on iPhone.

  1. Outlook

It has impressive utility and power features, making it the ideal alternative to the more popular Gmail. Outlook helps you protect and keep your inbox clutter-free working around the clock. You can add popular services like Dropbox, Trello, Grammarly, and more, making it an ideal way to keep your workflow in one place.

It also has a To-Do feature that was formerly called Wunderlist. It also has an Immersive Reading Mode that filters images and quotes out of your email to present it as a clear document and complete with text-to-voice capabilities. Collaboration is easy with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. With Skype, you can chat in real-time, right from your inbox. It has a built-in Calendar to keep you on track with your tasks. Outlook allows Two-factor authentication and email encryption for security. Outlook is easy to use since it’s designed to be more accessible to everyone with intuitive voice-control navigation, and support for multiple assistive devices. 

  1. 2Do

2Do was designed to meet your speed needs. You can quickly enter your thoughts and ideas before forgetting. You can enter multiple tasks in seconds with Quick Add on iOS. Quick Entry on Mac, on the other hand, is a comprehensive task editor that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, even when 2Do is not running. It’s simplistic appearance but it houses an incredible productivity-aware engine that can be as fierce as your workflow. It offers the perfect mix of a rich feature set and ease of use. From a full set of sorting filters, focus, tags, location, and date range, it will surprise you in every way with the amount of thoughtfulness and attention to detail that went into developing it. 2Do gives you complete control over all your workflows giving you the freedom to organize your lists, categorize, and sort them. Your notes can sync into iCloud, Dropbox, and Toodledo.

  1. Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is a user-friendly app installed on all MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches in several versions of macOS and iOS. Your account syncs across desktop and iPhone so you can manage your schedule wherever you are. It’s knowledgeable to use and has all the features you’d expect from a web-based calendar, including the ability to create multiple calendars and customize the view of each calendar so you can see your schedule by day, week, and month.

  1. Streaks

This is a great habit-tracking app for iPhone. This has two excellent features that set it apart from the other habit-tracker apps. It integrates very well with Apple’s ecosystem including Mac and Apple Watch and can be seamlessly integrated with Apple’s Health app, and its robust charts and graphics give you a more detailed interpretation of habit-tracking. You can choose or create up to twelve tasks. Streaks can automatically track certain goals with the iOS Health app. You can set how many times in a day per week, in a month, or every day. This app lets you quickly see which tasks are remaining for the day, and what’s in progress, and marked as complete. You can view your task statistics to keep you motivated.