6 Reasons to Back Away from the Broken Phone

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6 Reasons to Back Away from the Broken Phone (and Let Us Help Instead)

Did your iPhone take a swim or did it jump out of your pocket and plummet down three stories of concrete stairs? Instantly your inability to text washes over you. Now, in a wave of panic, you are frantically hitting the power button… Nothing.
What’s next? You consider yourself a little handy with a screw driver; heck you fixed your grandma’s PC last year. How hard could it be?

Our technicians have compiled a list of six reasons you should back away from the broken iPhone and let us help.

6 Reasons to Back Away from the Broken Phone
1. Warranty
Unless you are touching a CRC (customer replaceable component – i.e. the SIM card and battery), you lose your warranty by fiddling with your device!

2. YouTube Pros
When something bad happens to your device, do you really want a plumber masquerading as a YouTube pro telling you how to fix it? Our trained technicians are experienced with working on these tiny fickle devices. We aren’t actually licensed medical professionals (but we totally would be if they offered courses in cell phone resuscitation). Keep that in mind the next time you Google how to fix a glitch on your brand new phone.

3. Tiny Delicate Parts
Did you know an iPhone device has tiny screws you have to remove to take off the touchscreen and that the entire phone will short out if you screw those screws back into the wrong sockets? Or how easy it is to pop off your WIFI receiver (and how hard it is to find those in carpet)? While you’re ordering replacement parts, you might want to order extra; those LCD screens crack under even the slightest pressure in the wrong place. It’s risky, for sure.

4. Tools
While you are ordering parts, you’ll need a ton of new tools to reach all the tiny places inside your phone. Your dad’s screwdriver from the toolbox in the garage won’t help you here; even most eyeglass repair kits are too large for these screws!

5. Chemical Burns and Glass Cuts
We have seen customers walk in with an impressive array of “phone repair injuries.” If you drop your device hard enough to crack the screen, the battery inside might also be damaged and it could shock you if you try to remove it. Add that to leaky battery acid and cracked screen glass and you might think twice about playing doctor.

6. Time and Cost
Besides the cost of the replacement part and shipping, you have to consider the value of your time. A first-time screen repair can take 2 to 4 hours. Parts can take weeks to order. However, if you bring a cracked iPhone into one of our shops we can repair in 30 minutes and you can happily be back to tweeting in no time. We also see a lot of DIY Project Masters walk in with a ziplock bag full of phone and crushed hopes. This is the worst because they now have to pay for new parts and repair, on top of whatever they already tried and purchased.

Bring your broken phone to us – don’t be like these sad project masters. We can help! Don’t have time to drop by one of our convenient Tallahassee, Orlando or Raleigh locations? Fill out the form below!