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We’re here to get electronics up and running, and keep it that way. When our skilled techs are finished working on your device, it’ll work. Period.

We’re pros when it comes to fixing laptops and phones but we can also recover your data. We also repair all types of iDevices. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod are the “Apple” of our eye. Do you have another piece of electronic equipment that is broken and needs special attention? Yeah, we fix that. 

You may have figured out by now we like technology. But we’d like to tell you a little bit more about us and what we’re about.

Our Mission is Your Mission - A Dependable, Efficient Fix to Your Problem


Broken device? The Doctor is in.

Don’t place your device into the hands of someone you don’t know and trust! We’re here to provide top-notch tech services that you can count on. We understand that your device may have been a costly investment. At Computer Repair Doctor, only experts will be “performing operations” on it.

Dealing with Data? Here’s How We do it.

We also understand that your data is important to you. That’s why we’ve spent a significant amount of time perfecting our data restoration process. When you work with us, your data will be in good hands and it will always be treated with respect.

Want a Second Opinion?

This all may sound good to you, but maybe you’re not convinced. We understand that too! As lovers of all things technology, we understand that your device, data or electronic equipment is precious cargo!

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it, but here are what people just like you are saying about us: Get the Skinny!

Our Promise

We’re Focused on Getting to the Heart of the Problem, Not on Getting You Out the Door.


Like any good doctor, we don’t just fix the symptoms you are experiencing, we look at the big picture. That’s why run thorough, industry-standard tests to give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem.


It’s in your best interest to understand what’s causing the problem, which means it’s in our best interest to figure out what the problem is. Excellent, dependable service isn’t just a good business model, it’s the right thing to do. At CRD, We’ve got your covered!

We do Amazing Work that We’re Proud to Stand Behind.

We’re not just paid to fix devices and deal with data - it’s our passion. That’s why we stand behind all of our work with full service warranties.If for any reason at all your repair doesn’t stick, we’ll do it again - free.

We Keep You in the Loop

If someone was working with our devices, electronics or data, we’d certainly want to be comfortable with the whole process. That’s why we keep you updated throughout the entire repair. We will spend as long as it takes to make sure your questions get answered in plain English so you can understand what is going on and feel good about it.



At our core, we operate on expertise, proven processes and integrity. We are a friendly, imaginative team that loves to have fun, but we take your repairs and restorations very seriously. We took what we didn't like about other “fix it” shops and kiosks, and threw it out the window. Instead, we designed a workspace we’d want to do business with ourselves.



Computer Repair Doctor started out in 2013 in Tallahassee, Florida. Our founder, Matt Ham was inspired by the work he did with LaptopMD while he was getting his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University. Working directly with the owner of LaptopMD, Matt cultivated expertise in the computer services and repair industry and CRD was born.

Since that time, our shop in Tallahassee has expanded into seven locations including Raleigh, Charleston, Monroe, Cleveland and Knightdale. But enough about our story, why don’t you stop by one of our shops and tell us yours?


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