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 Tell me a little about your background in IT or Technology?

      I started getting interested in technology from a young age, mostly because of video games. As I grew up, I needed to fix all the devices I used for gaming, as well as my entire family’s ensemble of gadgets and computers. In high school, I had a small computer fixing operation based out of my bedroom, which developed my interest in owning a computer repair store one day. After taking a few computer classes at UCF and a few years working in a Network Operations Center, I was hired to run our first Computer Repair Doctor in Tallahassee.

What interests you in Tech?  

I still love the gaming aspects of technology, but I also really enjoy discovering new gadgets and devices that improve our everyday lives.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever repaired?

We had a customer from a recovery center for neural diseases bring a metronome to our Raleigh store, which is used to synchronize patients with a rhythmic beeping noise. I was able to solder the micro-USB jack on to the motherboard and it worked just like new!

If you had to buy a computer right now, what kind would you buy and why?

I would definitely build my own customized desktop computer, primarily because I am able to maximize the performance of the machine for my needs, additionally this option allows for future upgradable components.

What’s something unique or fun you’d like to share about yourself?

As far as I know, currently, I am the most attractive person at Computer Repair Doctor. It’s a difficult position to be in, but I take pride in also being the most sarcastic person at Computer Repair Doctor. Additionally, I went dune boarding in Dubai, which was not as exciting as it sounds.

What are some of your hobbies / What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love the outdoors! Whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, playing Ultimate Frisbee, I always enjoy doing something outdoors. Additionally, I am an avid gamer, so it’s nice to break the mom’s basement stereotype… most of the time. One would also consider me a huge Star Wars and Game of Thrones fan.

What’s your drink of choice? (Can be caffeinated, alcoholic, protein shake, etc.)

I enjoy the locally brewed Bold Rock Cider from up here in North Carolina.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now – Where would it be?

I would love to eventually travel to New Zealand, or Australia. They are both havens for numerous types of interesting wildlife and habitats. I find myself more of the adventurous type, so bring on all of those venomous creatures!

What is your ideal job?

Ideally, I would eventually like to overthrow Matt Ham at the helm of the ship. Maybe overthrow is not the right term, but I would love to see myself advance and expand into all of the growth projects for CRD. My biggest fear is complacency, so I always strive to better myself and our excellent company!

What's the #1 reason you like working at CRD?

The staff has always been the reason this company has flourished, and the great crew we have makes every day a blast. Getting to drive an ambulance is a close second, though.