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Do you need a laptop hard drive replacement? After 3 years, about 30% of all laptop hard drives will fail from normal usage. If you need to replace your laptop hard drive, this is one of our bread and butter services! We’ll save your data, install a new hard drive, reinstall Windows (or Mac OS), and transfer all of your data back. We’ve done this for thousands of clients and we’d love to help you too! Here are a few things to note about a hard drive replacement:

  • We can get your data – Most failed drives don’t need serious Data Recovery, but if that’s what you’re looking for; go here. Otherwise, keep in mind that even though you may have a bad hard drive, we can typically recover all of your data using tier 1 or 2 recovery methods!
  • Laptop hard drive replacements are common – Don’t let a bad hard drive be a reason to buy a new laptop, let us help!
  • Chances are likely you’re looking at an upgrade – Unless your laptop is brand new (like our replacement hard drives); chances are likely that we’ll be putting a faster and larger hard drive into your laptop. Want something even faster and even better? Just ask!

We offer estimates and we can run a hard drive test to determine if you’re hard drive is actually failing or if Window (or Mac OS) just crashed!  If you don’t want to fix it, no problem! We can always just get your data or you can pick it up – no charge!

Don’t want to bring it in just yet? Fill out our Ask a Question form and we’ll try our best to help you out without seeing the machine! Or just give us a call; we’re open every day but Sunday!