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Camp Details

Age Groups: [12 – 17 years]

Dates: [Tuesdays & Thursdays June 1st-June 30th (2 spots left for June) and July 1st-July 30th]

Location: [Computer Repair Doctor @ Cedar/Green road.]

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are delighted to introduce our newest and most exciting program yet: CRD Tech Repair Camp! Get ready to ignite your child’s curiosity and empower them with essential tech skills in a fun and engaging learning environment while introducing them to the world of technology repair. At CRD Tech Repair Camp, we believe in equipping children with the tools they need to thrive in our increasingly technology-driven world.

Here’s what you can expect from our camp:  

Hands-On Learning:

Our campers will dive into the fascinating world of technology repair through hands-on activities. From dismantling devices to troubleshooting common issues, they’ll develop practical skills while discovering the inner workings of gadgets.

Expert Instructors:

Our instructors are tech enthusiasts with a passion for working with kids. They are experienced in both technology repair and teaching, ensuring that your child receives the best guidance and mentorship throughout the camp.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum:

We understand the importance of tailoring our program to different age groups. Our carefully designed curriculum ensures that each child receives age-appropriate instruction, enabling them to grasp concepts and techniques at their own pace.    

Collaboration and Teamwork:

Our camp fosters a collaborative atmosphere where campers can make new friends, exchange ideas, and work together on exciting tech projects. We believe that teamwork enhances creativity and problem-solving skills.

Safety First:

Rest assured, your child’s safety is our utmost priority. We maintain a secure and supervised camp environment, ensuring that campers can explore technology repair in a safe and controlled setting.

Fun-filled Activities:

While learning is our focus, we also know the importance of having fun! Our campers will enjoy engaging activities, games, and challenges that make their time at Tech Repair Camp truly unforgettable.

Registration Fee

[Please send inquiries to]

Dates: [Tuesdays & Thursdays June 1st-June 30th (2 spots left for June) and July 1st-July 30th]

Location: [Computer Repair Doctor @ Cedar/Green road.]

Limited spots are available, and we anticipate high demand for this unique opportunity. Give your child a head start in mastering technology and sign them up for Tech Repair Camp for Kids today!

For more information, please contact Alex @ 216 333-1192 or email directly to

We look forward to welcoming your child to the exciting world of Tech Repair Camp!

Warm regards,

Alex Garvin

Owner, Computer Repair Doctor

216 333-1192