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You Have An Expensive Screen - Get It Protected


If you're reading this, it's probably because you have a phone with a gorgeous screen on it. A screen that, if it were to break, would be very, very expensive to replace. 

We repair phones. In fact, we LIKE repairing phones, because they're so simple! Our techs learn to fix computers first, so then when they have to replace a phone screen it's cake to them! 

However, sometimes we have to charge high prices, because the screen is so expensive. We don't want to charge someone $350 because they dropped their phone on concrete one time - but we have to because the screen just costs so much!


Now, There's An Alternative:

Titanium Armor Liquid Glass Screen Protector


  • 9H Hardness
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Shock Proof
  • Responsive Touch
  • Ultra Clear
  • Compatible with all types of tablets and phones

What is it?

The Titanium Armor Liquid Glass is a lot like a tempered glass - but better. It's a new nanotechnology solution that provides an invisible coat that dries hard to protect your screen. We'll apply the liquid coating to your phone or tablet's screen, and within minutes you won't notice it, but it's already protecting your device.

If your phone or tablet's screen breaks within the next year even while protected - you'll be covered by an extended warranty plan. 

Never pay for a screen replacement again.

For someone in your situation, we'd recommend the full coverage option. 

Protection Plan 1 - $39.95
  • + Liquid Glass Screen Protector Applied At Store
  • + 1 Year Warranty for accidental screen damage - $100 Coverage
Protection Plan 2 - $59.95
  • + Liquid Glass Screen Protector Applied At Store
  • + 1 Year Warranty for accidental screen damage - FULL Coverage

How does this process work?

How does this process work?

Step 1

You bring yourself and your phone (or tablet) to our store. If your phone has a cracked screen, we can fix that while you wait - it should be done within a half hour.

Step 2

We apply the liquid glass screen protection to your phone's screen. Don't worry - once it dries you won't even notice it!

Step 3

You download Warranty Life's app on your device and sign up for the warranty so that if your phone screen DOES still somehow break, it's covered. Warranty Life works through many partners, so if you move during your warranty coverage and need to get your phone fixed you can find another partner near you!

Step 4

You break your phone's screen (which is difficult with the liquid glass protector, but still possible) file a claim online, get your phone screen replaced for free (or $100 off, depending on which option you chose) and go on your merry way.

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