Common iPhone Questions

iPhones are incredibly handy devices that have become the most popular cellphone choice in the world.  This is because they are incredibly intuitive and easy to figure out for the vast majority of users.  Even if you can't figure something out immediately, if you tinker with your iPhone for five minutes and you'll probably find the solution to your problem.  That's due to their intuitive design and user-friendly interface.  However, you may still have some questions about your phone, especially regarding repairs (because nobody that built the iPhone wants to draw attention to the fact that it does still have issues every now and then).  This FAQ page is specifically to answer your iPhone related questions, but if you have more questions that you don't see here please feel free to ask your question in the Quote submission form!


How much do iPhone repairs cost?

If you view our iPhone Repair page, you can select each of the different types of repairs that we do, and see their prices for different models.  If there is no price listed, it may be a type of repair that we need you to come in to assess the damage before we can give a price (this is mainly for either liquid damage repairs, or the newest version because their part prices are often changing).

Will an iPhone Screen Repair affect my warranty?

Apple goes back and forth on this issue, but as of now: No, a screen replacement should not affect your warranty.  Other iPhone repairs may affect your warranty, and to be sure, you should probably check with Apple’s official website because this has been an issue in the past.

I cracked my iPhone screen, should I just buy a new one?

A new iPhone because of the screen?  If money is just ABSOLUTELY no object, sure.  But if there’s even the slightest possibility you might miss the $500+ it could take to get a brand-new iPhone, we suggest getting it fixed.  Even if you’re not near one of our locations, go somewhere near you!

If I get an iPhone Screen Replaced, will I lose my information?

No, iPhone Screen Replacements should only affect your screen.  Your information will all remain intact.  Learn more about fixing your cracked iPhone here!

I just cracked my brand new iPhone, can you fix it yet?

As of the time this is being written, the iPhone 7 and 7+ are the newest iPhones on the market, and we CAN fix those screens.  However, when the next version is released, we may be unable to fix them at first.  Give us a call though and check, because we’re usually among the first crop of repair shops to fix the latest gadgets!

How long should the battery last in my iPhone?

That’s a complicated question to answer because it really depends on what type of iPhone you have, and you’re doing with it.  However, an iPhone 5 or newer should last you all day if you use it a typical amount.  If you’re browsing sports articles for 3 hours straight, that could put a higher strain on your phone, but for the most part, a day should be within reach of your iPhone.  If you are worried about your battery life, you can learn more about it here!

My iPhone got wet and won’t turn on.  Can you help?

We’ll need to take a look at the phone to assess the damage before we can make any promises. However, we have some of the best liquid-damage recovery techniques in the business.  If we can’t help, you may need to get a new phone.  Learn more here!

My iPhone Home Button won’t work properly, do you fix that?

Yes we do!  Home buttons on iPhones can get jammed/broken and if you look here at our repair page you can learn more about it!

My iPhone’s camera won’t work, can you fix that?

Yes we can, we fix both rear and front-facing cameras. View our iPhone Camera Repair page here to learn more about it!

What is the best iPhone case?

The term “best” is subjective because everyone’s needs/wants are different.  For the purposes of this answer, best = safest.  And here I’m going to go with a standard answer and say the Otterbox.  However, in general, the “safer” your phone is, the more cumbersome the case will be.  There are no real options that are very safe but keep your iPhone small and sleek at the same time.  If a case comes out that is thin enough that you barely notice it in your pocket, but it is fully protected - that will probably be the "best" case. 

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