iPhone Repair

iPhone repair is one of our core services. We replace iPhone screens, home buttons, charging ports, batteries, and much more! Our iPhone repair prices are very competitive and we only use high quality parts. Almost all of our iPhone repairs are done on the spot while you wait! We’ve fixed somewhere between thousands and tens of thousands of iPhones. All of your data will be SAFE and all of our work is guaranteed and backed by a 30 day warranty! Here are a few of our most common iPhone repairs:

  • iPhone 4/4S Back Camera – If your back camera is broken, we’ll have it fixed in a flash! Don’t let possible captured moments slip from your fingers, we can have you back in focus in no time!
  • iPhone 4/4S Back Glass – Why should you live with a cracked back on your iPhone? Especially when we can fix it for you within seconds!
  • iPhone Battery Replacement – If you’re an avid iPhone user, you probably charge your iPhone almost every night. If your battery stops holding a charge or has completely stopped turning on without being plugged in, we can replace the battery!
  • iPhone Charging Port Replacement – If you are unable to charge your iPhone  or sync your iPhone to your computer because of a worn or broken charging port, a replacement might be in order!
  • iPhone 4/4S Front Camera Replacement – Your front facing camera is absolutely crucial for connecting with friends and family, don’t miss out on the shared memories when we can replace your front facing camera in a jiffy!
  • iPhone Home Button Replacement – Do you have to press your home button multiple times before it responds? Maybe you have to really force the button down to get a response? We can fix that! A simple iPhone home button flex cable will do the trick!
  • iPhone Screen Replacement – Don’t feel bad, cracked screens happen to everyone. Seriously, even our staff has broken their iPhone screens. From hairline cracks to devastatingly shattered screens, we can help!
  • iPhone Water Damage Repair – Liquid damage is tricky. Depending on the iPhone’s exposure to water though, we may be able to bring your iPhone back from the dead! Bring it by and let our techs check it out!

Broken iPhones come in all forms. We’ve fixed iPhone problems ranging from being dropped in a toilet to being run over by multiple cars. If you’re in need of an iPhone repair you’ve come to the right place! And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call or fill out our Quote Form and one of our trained managers will be happy to help you!

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