Liquid Glass Screen Protection

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As phones and tablets start taking up more and more of our “screen-time” away from traditional desktops, the likelihood of you dropping your baby – I mean phone – increases. And that leads to screens breaking at a pretty high rate.

For your phone or tablet you can use a case, but it just makes your device more cumbersome and awkward to hold. There’s something very liberating about taking the case off of your phone and using it for a week or two, and then you don’t want to put a case back on it!

But soon enough you’ll forget about your phone in your lap and stand up too quick one time, and before you know it you’re looking at a phone like this:

Which just means that when you get it fixed or replaced, you’ll probably go back to using a big, bulky case. Or at the very least, a tempered glass screen on your phone to hopefully protect it next time.

But it’s 2018. More than 10 years since the iPhone was released, and we have alternatives now. Apple Care has been a thing for a while, and the rest of the world has caught up and there are legitimate warranties for your screen so that if it breaks from accidental damage you’re covered.

Liquid Glass Screen Protection

We’ve now got liquid glass products that go onto your screen with a simple application that will provide protection to your device’s screen. As you can see in the video below, it can withstand a solid hammering:

Not only does it provide protection for your device, it comes with a warranty so that if your phone’s screen somehow still breaks within the next year, you’ll be covered and able to get it fixed.

If it’s so great at protecting your screen, why do you need a warranty for your phone?

Well, it wouldn’t really be a great product if the makers didn’t stand behind it, right? The liquid screen protection does provide a much, much lower likelihood that you’ll crack your screen, but accidents do still happen.

In that situation, you’ll be covered and you won’t need to consider repair vs replacement, since you’ve essentially already paid for a prompt screen replacement.

Warranty Options

We have two options for people who are interested in protecting their devices. One comes with a warranty for coverage up to $100, and the other provides FULL coverage for all accidental screen damage.

So, for someone with an iPhone 6 or 7, it would make sense to get the cheaper option since the screen replacement won’t cost much more than $100, if at all. For someone who has an iPhone X or a Samsung Galaxy S9, it would definitely make sense to get the more expensive option. $60 is a bargain when compared to a $250+ screen replacement.

Your phone matters a lot – especially to you.