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Charleston SC Computer Repair Doctor

Located right on the always popular King St with our entrance right next to Michael Kors. Enter through our main door, and walk all the way down the hallway to enter our repair courtyard! We are your local Computer Repair Doctor store in Charleston, SC and we are here to help with your iPhone repair, iPad repair, laptop repair, and computer repair needs in downtown Charleston! Yes, we offer both Mac Repair and PC Repair services as well. Formerly known as Digital Remedy Repair, we have been Charlestons best phone and laptop repair store for years and we're here to help. Give us a call or stop by our local store for a free estimate!


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iPhone Repair

Our Charleston store has a longer history of iPhone Repair than any other service. Sure, Computer Repair might be in our name but iPhone Repair runs in our blood. When this local Charleston store was founded, it was actually operated under the name Digital Remedy Repair and almost exclusively focused on iPhone Repair. They fixed iPhone Screens of every model including the iPhone 5 and 5s, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. iPhones are great, but when they break you need the Best iPhone Repair Service in Charleston that you can find. We think that’s us, but we’ll let you decide. Stop by and see us if you’re in need of an iPhone Screen Repair in Charleston and we can help! We’re right off King St. in downtown Charleston, and if you’ve never heard of King St – Welcome to Charleston, you’ll love it here!

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair in Charleston is a key service of our business. Repairing laptops is where we spend about 50% of our time and we love it. Being close to the College of Charleston, we see a lot of students in need of laptop repair. We are happy to be in downtown Charleston to accommodate both these students and the rest of Charleston’s residents alike! If you’re in need of our Laptop Repair Services in Charleston, we’re easy to find. We’re right on King St about a block away from the popular Hyman’s restaurant. Haven’t tried it? You might be the only one! Nevertheless, we enjoy being near the historic city of Charleston and we’re happy to be offering our Laptop Repair services here. If you’re looking for the Best Laptop Repair Company in Charleston, stop by our store and give us a chance to earn that title!

Mac Repair

Mac Repair in Charleston is a popular service we offer – especially among students. Being near CofC, we get a lot of students who use their Mac Laptops for school that need help. Sometimes it’s Mac Liquid Damage Repair, and sometimes it’s a Cracked Mac Laptop Screen Repair. Regardless, we can help! While the College of Charleston Cougars bring us a good amount of business, we get Mac Repairs from everyday cougars as well! Even the Apple store a few blocks north of us (unofficially) send repairs our way. Of course they offer Mac Repairs to in warranty customers, but their geniuses know that when a Mac Repair isn’t covered under warranty – we’re the Best Mac Repair option around. We work on MacBook Pros, Mac Airs, Mac Retinas, iMacs, etc. If it’s got an Apple with a little bite missing – we can fix it! The Apple product that is, not the missing bite.

iPad Repair

Charleston is a popular city for iPads which also makes it a popular city for iPad Repair. For whatever reason, our iPad Repair Services seem to be more popular in Charleston than other markets. Maybe it’s downtown Charleston’s cobblestone roads that causes cracked iPad Screens, or maybe it’s the feeling of tranquility that Charleston gives off that causes people to forget their iPad on the roof of their car. Whatever the reason, if you need an iPad Screen Repair in Charleston, we can help! We think we’re your Best iPad Repair option in Charleston, but we’ll let you decide that for yourself. We’re here to shatter your expectations and unshatter your iPad screen!

Data Recovery

Charleston doesn’t offer a lot of data recovery options, and that’s why we are here. Data Recovery is never a fun service to require, but it’s important to trust the right people when you need data recovered off a failing hard drive or flash drive. External hard drives are great until they crash, which is where we come in. We offer onsite Tier 1 recovery options, and Tier 2 and 3 recovery options through our national data recovery partners. We are an authorized Drive Savers partner and we work with only the best data recovery companies to ensure that your crashed hard drive has the best chance possible for recovery. If you are in need of Data Recovery in Charleston, give us a call today!

Charleston SC: King St – LOCAL DEALS

This store is offering the following deals for a limited time only, they could vanish at any time!  

- You must mention our “Local Deals” to receive this special pricing (it wouldn’t be a deal otherwise!).
- These deals are not combinable with any other offer, discount, or deal (we understand you had to try, but we have bills to pay too)
- This deal is valid for this local store only (our other stores, laundromats, grocery stores, etc. will all look at you strange if you try to use it there).

iPhone 4 Screen Repair$50$39.95
iPhone 4s Screen Repair$70$59.95
iPhone 5 Screen Repair$100$69.95
iPhone 5c/5s Screen Repair$100$79.95
iPhone 6 Screen Repair$120$99.95
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair$140$109.95
iPhone 6s Screen Repair$180$129.95
Phone 6s Plus Screen Repair$250$199.95
iPhone 4 Screen Repair$50$39.95
iPhone 4s Screen Repair$70$59.95
iPhone 5 Screen Repair$100$69.95
iPhone 5c/5s Screen Repair$100$79.95
iPhone 6 Screen Repair$120$99.95
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair$140$109.95
iPhone 6s Screen Repair$180$129.95
iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair$250$199.95
iPhone repair
Real customer reviews from our Google+ page

"I've gotten two iPhone screens replaced and a Macbook Pro with water damage repaired here. Both products work great and the time/prices are super reasonable compared to Apple. It's definitely worth stopping in at least for quote!"

5 star best repair service

Kate S.


"Definitely the best business in the city, probably the world. Went here for the first time last week and have been back twice since to fix my electronics. Staff is extraordinarily knowledgeable, accommodating, quick, friendly, and prices are unbeatable! Will never set foot in the Apple store again. Would recommend to anyone, anytime!"

5 star best repair service Catherine C.


"Smashed my iPhone screen last weekend. Went here after comparing competitors' prices. The service surpassed the great online reviews! My phone looked like new after a ten-minute repair at a reasonable price too. Really friendly, knowledgeable staff. Will recommend (and probably be back after I go to ac's next weekend lol). "

5 star best repair service Ellie Flock


"Cleaning out your computer" is often a good thing as long you don't take it too literally! ...

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