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Computer Repair in Charleston

Here at Charleston we're experts in both PC and Mac repair and we've spent years perfecting our computer repair services. Our techs are the best at what they do, so stop by today and we'll give you a free quote on your repair!

What do we fix?

Bad Hard Drive

Cracked LCD Screen

Water Damage

Power Issues

Not Booting

...and much more!

1 Year

Computer Repair Doctor offers a 1 Year limited warranty on all standard repairs. We've got you covered.

"Awesome service! So glad to have Computer Repair Doctor in the neighborhood!  
I appreciate the listening and ease of communication. Recommend highly to all computer users !"

We fix all types of computers!

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PC Laptops are unlike their Macbook brethren and can be made to meet custom specifications much easier. However, what makes them great can also be tougher for us to deal with.  We fix all types of computers, including PC Laptops!  But since there are so many different types of PC laptops and a million different ways you can customize it, there are more potential problems to have. Once we get it in the shop though, we'll figure out what's wrong and give you estimates for the price and the turnaround time before you pay a dime.

PC Desktops were the building block upon which we created laptops. Now, they are much more sophisticated. A PC Desktop is the most customize-able and upgrade-able of the main types of computers.  People literally can build their own now out of parts they order online and make sure are compatible with each other, which means there are almost endless possibilities!  This means that there can be weird software glitches and compatibility issues that arise.  If you have a store-bought desktop, that shouldn't happen but then they still have all the other potential hardware and software failures. They can be very reliable machines, but when something is wrong with it we know you need to have it fixed ASAP.

Macs and Macbooks are incredibly reliable machines, but that doesn't mean that nothing can happen to them! Macs are great machines that are trustworthy and dependable.  That stereotype has existed since the early 2000s and it remains true today.  But since they are "All-in-one" machines that means that if something goes wrong with them, you probably need to give us a call.  Since there are less variations of Apple computers out there, we have a lot of experience dealing with them and are very likely to have your part in stock if you need one!

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Upfront and flat rate pricing. No hourly rates, no undisclosed fees.

Is My Computer Worth Fixing?

As you'd suspect, we get this question a lot. The short answer is - We don't know until we look at it. We'll give you a FREE Quote for repair, so you can compare the repair cost to the cost of a new desktop. Repair too expensive? No problem, you'll owe us nothing but a smile.

About the Repair

Price: Free Quote

We offer upfront and flat rate pricing. No hourly rates, no undisclosed fees. We'll look at your PC or Mac's problem, give you a quote, and that'll be the price. Straightforward? That's exactly how we operate.