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Looking for Digital Remedy Repair? We're pleased to announce that Digital Remedy Repair is now a part of Computer Repair Doctor!

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Monroe, LA computer repair

Located on N. 18th Street just north of Louisville Ave, we are your local iPhone and Laptop Repair store serving both Monroe and West Monroe, LA. Formerly known as Digital Remedy Repair and Monroe iPhone Repair, we have been Monroe's best phone and laptop repair store for years and we're here to help! We're happy to be a part of Computer Repair Doctor now to provide you with the best repair services for all your tech devices. We offer iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Laptop Repair, Computer Repair, Mac Repair, Smartphone Repair, and Data Recovery services in Monroe, Louisiana. Give us a call or stop by our store for a free estimate!


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iPhone Repair

Our Monroe store has a longer history of iPhone Repair than any other service.  This store was originally called Digital Remedy Repair and specialized primarily in iPhone Repairs!  Since then, Computer Repair Doctor has taken the reigns and added many other services (which makes sense, considering "computer repair" is literally in the name).  However, if you drop your iPhone and need an iPhone Screen Repair in Monroe, don't hesitate to come to us!  We can fix your iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7s, etc. and at the best price!  Whether that be water damage, a broken home button, a cracked screen, or something else - we've got you covered.  And if you just want to find out how much something costs - don't forget we offer free estimates on all repairs!

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair in Monroe is a key service of our business. This store was originally called Digital Remedy and had a large emphasis on iPhone Repair - but Computer Repair Doctor is here now and we fix computers of all kinds - including laptops.  We can fix whatever ailment your laptop has - it could be a broken hinge, broken charging port, cracked screen, water damage, virus removal - we've seen it all!   Especially since we're close to UL Monroe, we know that students have issues arise with their laptops all the time.  If you have a laptop you like to live on the go - and you won't have to wait too long for us to fix it.  Computer Repair Doctor's laptop repair services are top-notch, and we offer free estimates on all repairs so you can find out how much it'll be before you make a commitment.  

Mac Repair

Mac Repair in Monroe is a big service of ours.  Macs are great - but when something goes wrong you need somebody to be able to fix it and get it back to you as quickly as possible!  Being near UL Monroe, we get a lot of students who use their Mac Laptops for school that need help. Sometimes it’s Mac Liquid Damage Repair, and sometimes it’s a cracked Mac Laptop Screen Repair. Regardless, we can help! We fix all types of computers, and when it comes to Apple we can fix both Macbooks and iMacs, as well as Mac Minis etc.   If it’s got an Apple with a little bite missing – we can fix it! The Apple product that is, not the missing bite.

iPad Repair

iPads are replacing laptops more and more each day.  In Monroe, we know that if you need iPad Repair Services, there aren't a whole lot of options.  Computer Repair Doctor, however, can fix your broken iPad Screen and have it back to you in no time!  Or your iPad could be suffering from water damage, or a broken home button, or any other types of iPad problems.  Just bring it by for a free quote and then make a decision!  If you're in Monroe and have an iPad, keep us in mind if/when you are having issues with it.  We like to think we are Monroe's Best iPad Repair and we'd love for you to find that out too!

Data Recovery

Monroe doesn’t offer a lot of data recovery options, and that’s why we are here. Data Recovery is never a fun service to require, but it’s important to trust the right people when you need data recovered off a failing hard drive or flash drive. External hard drives are great until they crash, which is where we come in. We offer onsite Tier 1 recovery options, and Tier 2 and 3 recovery options through our national data recovery partners. We are an authorized Drive Savers partner and we work with only the best data recovery companies to ensure that your crashed hard drive has the best chance possible for recovery. If you are in need of Data Recovery in Monroe, give us a call today!

Monroe, LA: N. 18th Street – LOCAL DEALS

This store is offering the following deals for a limited time only, they could vanish at any time!  

- You must mention our “Local Deals” to receive this special pricing (it wouldn’t be a deal otherwise!).
- These deals are not combinable with any other offer, discount, or deal (we understand you had to try, but we have bills to pay too)
- This deal is valid for this local store only (our other stores, laundromats, grocery stores, etc. will all look at you strange if you try to use it there).

iPhone 4 Screen Repair$50$39.95
iPhone 4s Screen Repair$70$59.95
iPhone 5 Screen Repair$100$74.95
iPhone 5c/5s Screen Repair$100$79.95
iPhone 6 Screen Repair$120$99.95
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair$140$109.95
iPhone 6s Screen Repair$180$139.95
Phone 6s Plus Screen Repair$250$159.95
iPhone 4 Screen Repair$50$39.95
iPhone 4s Screen Repair$70$59.95
iPhone 5 Screen Repair$100$74.95
iPhone 5c/5s Screen Repair$100$79.95
iPhone 6 Screen Repair$120$99.95
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair$140$109.95
iPhone 6s Screen Repair$180$139.95
iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair$250$159.95
iPhone repair
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"Great Service! They knew my phone's history better than I did. Daniel was friendly and knowledgeable. He fixed my phone quickly and I was back in business!"

5 star best repair service

Christie E.


"My iPhone was charging intermittently. Thinking I needed a new charger port, I went in to have it looked at. The technician cleaned a big piece of lint out of the charger port and the phone worked perfectly. Did not charge me at all. Very professional and courteous service! Will definitely use them again for any device repair!"

5 star best repair serviceJonathan B.

" Service is fast, efficient and personable. I highly recommend Daniel (technician on staff) to anyone who needs their phone serviced or repaired."

5 star best repair serviceDavid B.


"Cleaning out your computer" is a good idea as long as you don't take it too literally! ...

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