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iPhone Screen Repair in Cleveland

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Computer Repair Doctor in Cleveland, OH

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Price Match - If you find better prices, we'll match it. Guaranteed.

Price Sheet

We get it, you're shopping around. We've tried to make it easy for you and start you off with all of our iPhone repair prices in Cleveland.

*Screen repair prices are for glass only.

iPhone Screen Repair in Cleveland

Everything you need to know - incl. competitor's prices

Price Match - If you find better prices, we'll match it. Guaranteed.

Price Sheet

We get it, you're shopping around. We'll make it easy for you, here's a comparison chart for common iPhone repair prices in Cleveland.

iPhone 4/4s $59.95 $59.95 $59.95 $59.95
iPhone 5 $74.95 $74.95 $74.95 $74.95
iPhone 5c/5s $84.95 $84.95 $84.95 $84.95
iPhone SE $89.95 $89.95 $89.95 $89.95
iPhone 6 $99.95 $99.95 $99.95 $99.95
iPhone 6 Plus $109.95 $109.95 $109.95 $109.95
iPhone 6s $129.95 $129.95 $129.95 $129.95
iPhone 6s Plus $149.95 $149.95 $149.95 $149.95
iPhone 7 $149.95 $149.95 $149.95 $149.95
iPhone 7 Plus $179.95 $179.95 $179.95 $179.95

*Screen repair prices are for glass only.

“These guys are the best in town. Got my iPhone Screen Repair done in 20 minutes for a great price. I highly recommend them!”

Repairs in 45min

About the Repair

iPhone Repair
Timeframe: 45 min*
Appointments: Available, optional
Warranty: 90 Day Standard

iPhone screen repair is the most requested service on the iPhone. Not surprisingly, your iPhone's glass screen is very susceptible to cracks and damage, and that’s where we come in! Our technicians have repaired thousands of iPhones, and they're fast and efficient at all iPhone repairs. We typically offer iPhone screen repair in under an hour so that you can get on with your day. Feel free to wait in our lobby during the repair, or grab a bite to eat in the plaza nearby and come back!


*Timeframes can vary based on store workload.

“These guys are the best in town. Got my iPhone Screen Repair done in 20 minutes for a great price. I highly recommend them!”

Frequently Asked Questions

The best available! People often ask if we buy OEM parts or if we buy parts from Apple, etc. Apple doesn’t sell parts, but the parts we buy are often manufactured by the same factories Apple uses. In short, we have a Parts Management team that’s always sourcing the highest quality parts at the best possible price.

We can fix that too! If you’re getting more than one component replaced on your phone, we offer steep discounts for multiple services. Just ask a staff member for pricing!

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. It’s that simple!

Anytime someone is disassembling your phone, things can go wrong. Compared to the industry standard, we have a very low rate of issues though. After a repair, there can be issues with a non-responsive touchscreen, front camera failures, or touch ID problems. If there are any problems after a repair that weren’t there before the repair, we’ll take responsibility and replace the non-functional part.

The Touch ID will usually work fine after an iPhone Screen Repair, however there are cases where a touch ID is non-functional after a repair. Unfortunately if a Touch ID breaks, it often can’t be fixed. Apple has put roadblocks in place specifically designed to disallow third party companies from fixing a broken Touch ID. Why did they do this? Great question.

A typical iPhone Screen Repair takes about 45 minutes! Timeframes can vary based on store workload, etc. so if you’re in a rush – call ahead to verify timeframes.

We’ll take care of you, pure and simple. If any of our technicians break something during the repair, we’ll take complete responsibility and fix the problem or buy you a replacement device.

Nope. Apple has said that getting your screen repaired at a third party company (like ours) will NOT void your warranty with Apple.

Yes we do! We typically stock all iPhone Screens and almost all iPhone small parts (component parts like cameras, buttons, etc.) so that your repair can be done quickly.

Absolutely. We offer 90 day warranties on all of our standard repairs (if we have to buy custom parts, those parts may have a different warranty period). If anything goes wrong after 90 days, it’s unlikely to be due to our repair but you’re welcome to bring it by anyway. We’re usually able to help, especially if it was related to the repair we performed.

It’s ALWAYS a good idea to backup your data before a repair (and we suggest you do). Even Apple advises backing up your data before any repair. However, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll lose any data during the repair.

Nope! Stop by anytime we’re open!

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Emma Finch

"Did a great job, it took less than an hour and was a great price! The phone had a cracked screen but looks perfect now, thanks!"

Ken Dickinson

"Brought them an iPhone 6 with shattered glass (not LCD, not touchscreen) and they were able to replace it within 45 minutes and it looks perfect. Worth every penny."

Charles Allen

"The doc sorted out my cracked iPhone screen, it's like brand new. I highly recommend these guys, super professional. Well done!"

Dan Smith

"I went to the Apple Store first and waited in line for over an hour and then found out it would cost $150 to fix a black/broken screen. Computer Repair Doctor did it in an hour and only cost $95. Great service. Thanks for fixing my phone!"

Denise Larey

"This is my first visit, but my daughter has been to Computer Repair Doctor before. We are both very happy with the service. Walked in without an appointment, no problem. They replaced my iPhone 6 Plus screen in under an hour. Great prices. The guys are really nice, professional, and great at what they do. My phone looks brand new. Thanks!"

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