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Located on East Tennessee St (Across from Leon High School), we are your local Computer Repair Doctor store in Tallahassee, FL. We specialize in computer repair, laptop repair, iPhone repair, iPad repair, Mac repair, and other smartphone and tablet repairs of all kinds. Give us a call or stop by our local store for a free estimate!


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iPhone Repair

We invented iPhone repair in Tallahassee. OK, ok, that’s not true at all, but it does seem like we’ve had a lot of copy cats come and go over the years since we started offering iPhone Screen Repairs in Florida’s Capital city. We’ve fixed iPhones onsite at FSU’s Market Wednesday, we’ve fixed phones at Downtown Getdown before FSU Football games, and we’ve repaired cracked iPhone screens in the middle of Tom Brown Park during an event one summer. And oh yeah, we’ve offered iPhone Repair services at our location across from Leon High school for years. You may have heard us on Red Hill Radio or even seen us around town at events, but have never needed our iPhone repair services before. Maybe your iPhone has never broken or maybe you’ve kept it locked in a case all these years. Well we’ve learned that there always seems to be a first time for cracked phone screens. We’ve heard “I have never cracked my phone screen until…” more times than we can count. So if you’re looking for your local Tallahassee iPhone repair shop? You found it!

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair is pretty much our main service. Sure, we seem to fix a lot of phones, but repairing laptops is how we got started in Tallahassee. Our store on East Tennessee st is our original location and our first laptop repair walked in the door about 20 minutes after we moved in. If there was ever a sign that we were meant to be repairing laptops in Tallahassee for years to come, that was it. We had barely setup our first table in our tech room before our first repair customer with a broken laptop stopped by. Ever since then, we’ve been offering laptop repair services for TCC students, FSU students, FAMU students, and the rest of the Tallahassee community. We joined Talchamber and Taltech to let people know where to bring their laptop for repair, and we never looked back. Need a laptop repair? Yeah, we fix that!

Mac Repair

Apple MacBook Repair isn’t a service that all companies offer in Tallahassee, but we do. We’ve been fixing MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Retinas for years. We’ve repaired iMacs with broken hard drives, cracked glass, or even liquid damage. Being right across the street from Leon High School, we get A LOT of students bring by their damaged Macs. Apple makes great products, but if you need a Mac repair, you may need our help. Apple even approached us about being Mac authorized but we had to tell them ‘thanks but no thanks’ (story for another time). We’re happy to offer our Mac Repair Services in Tallahassee and we want you to know that we’re here if you need us. We offer Free Diagnostics and quick turnaround to get your Mac fixed and working again in no time. Stop by and see us if you’re looking for a quote to fix your mac laptop!

iPad Repair

iPad repair isn’t fun. There, we said it. When we fix a broken iPad screen, glass goes EVERYWHERE. There’s no magic way to get a cracked iPad screen off in one piece, when we repair an iPad it’s like tiny explosions of glass blasting towards our tech’s face as we diligently remove your cracked glass and replace your iPad screen. Yes, we wear safety goggles and sure, some of our iPad Repair techs will cover the cracked iPad screen in packing tape to try and get it to come off in one piece. Nevertheless, we’re considering building isolation chambers in our tech area to contain the broken glass when we are performing an iPad Repair. But hey, that’s our job. That’s what you pay us for and we’re happy to be helping fix your iPad! Also, we work with all of our staff members to make sure each one is professional and friendly, so you’ll never hear us complaining about iPad repair when you stop by. We just wanted to give you a heads up in case you are deciding whether or not to try and fix your iPad yourself. Trust us, you’d rather let us repair that iPad for you.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is often one of those lifesaving services that we offer in Tallahassee. We all forget (or procrastinate) to back up our data until it’s too late. Whether it’s those FSU, TCC, or FAMU graduation photos you need to recover from a crashed hard drive or a school paper on a broken flash drive, we can help! We offer a number of data recovery services in house at our local Tallahassee store, and we are an authorized data recovery center for some of the other bigger brand names for the tougher jobs. We work with LaptopMD in NYC who has a data recovery expert onsite, and we have relationships with both Drive Savers data recovery and Gillware. Between these options, if you need to recover lost data in Tallahassee – we’ve got you covered!

East Tennessee Street Location - LOCAL DEALS

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iPhone repair
Real customer reviews from our Tallahassee store Google+ page

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"An extraordinary computer service is hard to find, but rest assured, Computer Repair Doctor, is extraordinary. They offered me immediate technical assistance when I desperately needed it. I will forever be grateful, and will not only use them again, but recommend them highly. The best of the best in town."

5 star best repair service

Dawn Sherman

computer repair doctor review 2"These guys rock. Just walked in because one of my cables fried and hooked me up in less than a minute. I will definitely go back and will also recommend that others do as well."

5 star best repair service Chris Ackerman

 computer repair doctor review

"The Computer Repair Doctor has saved a number of my electronics from iPhones to a water damaged computer. They are very professional and helpful. Kam kept me up-to-date throughout the entire process of my computer being fixed and I am so grateful for their hard work."

5 star best repair service Emily Walukiewicz


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