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We’ve listed a few types of phones that we repair below, but this is by no means an extensive list! There’s a very good chance that even if your particular phone is not listed – we can still repair it! We offer free estimates on all repairs so PLEASE, if you need a Phone Repair, give us a call or simply stop by one of our locations and we will be happy to look at your device and let you know if we can assist!

Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair in Tallahassee is one of our best services. In Tallahassee we get a lot of iPhone Repair jobs, but we repair all Smartphones!  Our Phone Repair is popular especially among the students, but we offer phone repair for all ages! Tallahassee Phone Repair is a service you hope you never need, but it’s good to have our number to call when you need it. We’ve been voted #1 in Tech Repair by the Tally Awards because of our dedication to our customers for phone repair in Tallahassee and many other services. Cell Phone Repair is something we do each and every day, and our techs are professionals. We source only the best parts and we offer warranties on all our Cell Phone Repair Tallahassee services. We put the customer first to make sure that you have a great experience during each and every visit. Well, hopefully you won’t need our phone repair services that often, but we’re here if you do!


Cell Phone Repair Tallahassee is a service we’ll be offering for a very long time into the future, so give us a call if you need help! We were founded in Tallahassee and Cell Phone Repair is one of our best services. Learn more about our Phone Repair services or find your local Tallahassee Repair store!


...PLUS MORE And as always, fill out a quote form or stop by and see us if you have any questions!

Here's a few reasons why our customers love us. But don't take their word for it, try us yourself!

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Not sure if your device makes sense to fix? We'll give you a FREE Estimate so you can make an informed decision. Don't spend more money than you have to on a new device before you get a quote to repair the one you have. Free estimates mean you know what the repair will cost, before the Doctor operates!

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We believe in providing not only the highest level of service, but also the best price. We know price is a big factor in your decision to repair your device, so we stand behind our low price guarantee. We routinely monitor local prices, but if you find a retail store with lower pricing than us, we'll match it. Guaranteed!

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Fixing computers is in our name. We're not a smartphone repair company that 'also' fixes computers. When it comes to laptops, desktops, PCs, or Macs - Trust the Doctor. Your device is important to you, and we'll ensure your repair goes smoothly

Low Price Guarantee


We offer a 90 Day Warranty on all our standard repairs. We'll test your device once your repair is complete, but if any issues arise later, we're here to help. We don't expect you to have any problems, but isn't it nice to know you've got a warranty if you need it? Even once your repair is out of warranty,