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We are a computer and smartphone repair company with two locations in Tallahassee FL that specializes in consumer laptop repair and mobile device repair of all kinds. Our owner is young entrepreneur and Columbia University graduate originally from Raleigh, NC who has already won several awards for the rapid growth and success of the company. We opened our first location in June 2013, grew to two locations in Tallahassee, and are now looking to expand to other markets. We have high growth aspirations for the company and are looking for individuals to help us open new locations in new cities in 2015.

We are looking for an individual to move to Tallahassee, FL for 3-12 months to learn and train as a repair technician and store manager. Once trained, they will move back to the Raleigh area and open a new corporate location for our company. Our current management will secure financing for the project and be heavily involved in the store build and initial opening. Once open however, all day to day operations will be run by you, our new store manager.

The 1 year plan is for this individual to successfully open a corporate location in the Raleigh area. The 2 year plan for this individual is to grow the store into a well-recognized business in the community. The 5 year plan for this individual is to continue to open stores throughout the central NC region and transition into a regional operations manager overseeing multiple locations throughout the state.

We know our business and we know how to turn this goal into a reality. We are looking for individuals to participate in this growth and develop into key players in our company. The ideal candidate that we are looking for is described below:

Strong Work Ethic & Self-Motivated. We are not looking for individuals who prefer a quiet office setting. We are looking for hard workers who are committed to getting the job done. As a local store manager, you will need to be self-motivated and success driven. You may need to work 6 days a week during the initial launch of your store. You will likely be asked to participate in early morning networking groups to get you involved in the community. Part of your job will include participation in marketing events on some nights or weekends. The majority of your success in this role will be based on your efforts. If you don’t consider yourself a hard worker, do not apply.

Knowledge of Computers and/or Tech Experience. Our business is fixing computers, smartphones, and tablets. We have trained almost all of our technicians from the ground up and we expect to have to train you as well. Just because you’re an amateur at device repairs doesn’t mean we can’t make you an expert in a short period of time. HOWEVER, the more experience you bring to the table, the better.

Passion for Technology. While we can teach you how to repair a computer, we can’t teach you to enjoy it. We are looking for individuals with a passion for technology that have a genuine interest in learning and expanding their skills. Our best employees are the ones with a genuine passion for IT and technology related fields. In our experience, that passion inspires innovation and creativity, as well as really just makes you enjoy your work more. Whether you’re a gamer, a network guru, or the one in your family that everyone asks for tech help, we’ll be looking for someone who has shown an interest in our field.

Responsible. Once you’ve established your own store, your direct supervisors will not be at your location on a regular basis. You will need to be responsible, trustworthy, and reliable. We are looking for the type of person that shows up when and where they are asked, and always follows through on what they say. We are not looking for individuals with a list of excuses for why they didn’t get something done. We are looking for individuals who are ready for the level of responsibility that we will give them.

Leadership and Management Skills. Our goal is to turn you into a store manager. We are looking for natural leaders that can inspire and manage a staff. You will be responsible for hiring & firing, keeping your employees on track, and dealing with all staff related incidents and issues. You don’t have to have prior management experience, but we are looking for people with a history of leadership tendencies.

Strong Communication Skills – Written & Verbal As the store manager, you will need to communicate with customers and employees both in person and through email. Proper communication is a critical skill in any business environment, but especially in a management role. We are looking for a well-spoken and well-written individual that can communicate effectively with both customers and coworkers.

Strong Customer Service Skills One of our core company values is strong customer service. In the repair service industry, we believe that superior customer service plays an intensely strong role. Our company is dedicated to providing superior customer service to our clients and we expect you to spearhead this for us at your store. You need to be polite, professional, friendly, and able to patiently deal with an irate customer when the need arises.

Pay and incentives are negotiable based on experience and skillset.

We run a well-respected company and treat our employees well. We’re friendly and easy to get along with and we expect you to be that way too! Lastly, I will NOT read your resume if you didn’t read my job description. Please begin the subject of your reply email with “HIRE ME” or your message will end up in my junk folder.

To apply for this job posting, please send your resume and a cover letter to Initial interviews will be conducted via Skype.