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Electronic ER: Bring Your Device Back From the Dead

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Electronic ER: Bring Your Device Back From the Dead


Cell phones, tablets, and computers are the new battery-powered appendages, keeping people immersed in their digital worlds with crazy news headlines, Kim Kardashian’s love life, endless photos of a friend’s not-so-cute baby and more dancing animal gifs than anyone could possibly process.


But when the connection breaks, chaos ensues. How can you be expected to function if you can’t Instagram photos of your food, weigh in on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign or send someone a passive-aggressive message by updating your Facebook status? Fortunately, there’s a Doc for that.


Laptop Repair

From a cracked screen to “liquid damage,” ie: you spilled… something… all over it, or even that virus you’ve tried to get rid of on your own with zero success, Computer Repair Doctor is known for mad laptop repair skills in Orlando, Raleigh and Tallahassee. This is the service we were founded on, and over the years we have refined our skills to be able to fix all types of laptops, netbooks and notebooks.


PC Repair

If your desktop is slow, overheats or won’t run Windows, we’ve got you covered. Our core service of PC repair has been proven efficient and effective time and again. You’ll be back to surfing the net for BuzzFeed’s Sad Cat Diary instead of writing that term paper in no time.


iPad Repair

A few bad pixels can really ruin the mood and an entirely blank screen ruins everything. CRD uses only high quality parts for iPad LCD replacement in Raleigh, Orlando or Tallahassee. We can handle anything from hairline fractures to total devastation without using flimsy knockoffs for iPad screen replacement services.


Cell Phone Repair

Nobody can resist the urge to check in at the new co-op restaurant with a picture of the grain-free, butterbean burger on a bed of organic arugula and the seasonal IPA you ordered from that cute waitress named Storm. If you’ve managed to damage your cell phone in all the excitement, no worries. Computer Repair Doctor fixes iPhone, LG and Samsung phones, including Samsung Galaxy screen repair in Raleigh, Orlando and Tallahassee (which few places will even try because of the time and equipment necessary to do it right).


Data Recovery

Data loss can be devastating. Seeing a blank screen after finishing up that photo documentary you created about your journey learning tantric yoga would be a total nightmare. Or maybe a corrupted hard drive means you might have just lost your company’s entire current quarter financials and you didn’t keep an external backup drive. Either way, we have your back. Our Three Tiers of Recovery cover everything from a malfunctioning device to full-on mechanical failures and everything in between. And if the data is not recovered, you’re not charged.


Computer Repair Doctor offers free estimates, quality repairs from skilled technicians, excellent customer service and — most importantly — a quick turnaround. Your data will always be kept safe and our work is guaranteed with a Doctor’s Orders Guarantee. No matter how you’ve broken your device — and believe us, we’ve heard and seen it all, people — take your phone, computer or tablet to Computer Repair Doctor and we’ll get you feeling whole again. Local offices are in Tallahassee and Orlando, FL and Raleigh, NC.

Thank you for reading.  We hope you don't have any broken devices, but if you do, please feel free to look at our locations to find your local store's information!  The Doctor is here to help.

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