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Target Keeps Getting Better

No, we haven’t taken a bribe to endorse Target.  It’s just a pretty great store.  And now they’re looking to improve upon their awesomeness by fixing the “out of stock” problems that face so many large retailers.

The way they’re fixing that problem is semi-tech related, so we took the chance to talk about it.

Why are they so great?


Because they’re always looking out for their customers and trying to improve.  Obviously, a lot of their moves benefit them financially, but a lot of businesses seem to succeed while having a pretty anti-consumer attitude toward things.

They’ve upgraded their clothing brands and are undergoing more efforts to improve their home-furnishing brands.  Now they’re improving the in-store experience customers receive through several upgrades.  That ranges from improving their Wi-Fi, upgrading their self-checkout software, and now you can “order online” right from the store if they’re missing what you want.

What’s Newsworthy about Target right now?


Okay I’ll get to it. If you’re searching for something in Target but they are out-of-stock (or you need a different size, color, etc.) now you can just contact an employee about it and you’re able to order that item immediately and have it delivered to your house with free shipping.  You can even pay right then and there with the associate.

Amazon has become an enormous online retailer, and this is a way to try to keep people from just going to them instead.  You could order that item online yourself if you wanted, but if you travel to Target to get something, you probably want to walk out with that product.  You don’t want to go home, hop on your computer, go to, look for that product, type in your CC info and order it.  You just want to walk out with the product.

Now if they don’t have it, you get the next-best thing.  Confirmation that the product is on its way to your house.  It’s already paid for, with free shipping, you just need to wait a few days.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s pretty close.

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