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Got a slow computer? We can fix that.

We'll need to diagnose WHY your computer is slow first though.

Your Computer Is Slow And You Don't Know Why

Unfortunately with computers there is no "one size fits all" solution. But if you're interested to see how we can help speed up your computer, drop it off for a free diagnostic and we'll run it through a thorough inspection which includes:

  • SMART Test
  • Inspect OS Speed
  • Check for outdated mechanical drive
  • Evaluate RAM
  • Tailor a speed evaluation for YOUR particular machine

Schedule Your Free Speed Check & Get $25 Off Any Speed Optimization Treatments

Potential Treatment Options:

Reinstall ($125-$175)

Sometimes your operating system can get a little funny and it'll need a quick reinstall. That's not a big deal, we do them all the time! We'll make sure to keep your data safe, or if you'd rather just have a complete fresh start we can make that happen too. 


Increase RAM ($100-$200)

The traditional way of speeding up a computer has always been to add more RAM to your machine. Nowadays, machines typically have enough RAM and that's not the problem, but if you're sitting on 2 GB of RAM (or 4, if you're using it for complex programs) installing more can speed your computer up immediately.


SSD Upgrade ($200+)

This is the best upgrade you can give your computer, full stop. If you have a traditional HDD, you should strongly consider upgrading because it will breathe new life into your computer.

SSDs (solid state drives) are pretty much superior in every way, and are steadily getting more cost-effective. Your boot-time will typically be between 8 and 15 seconds, you'll notice everything just feels faster. Once you upgrade you'll never want to go back. 

Not only that, but SSDs are also far more reliable and have a much lower failure rate, because it doesn't have any moving pieces.