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Your Store: Cleveland, OH  

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Dear SquareTrade

Unconventional, I know. But then again, I want to work with you to disrupt an entire industry so a little flair just might help.

I'm Matt Ham and I own this company (and manage a few other stores under a different name too). I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and I’ve been in tech repair since I was 15. I'm ready to takeover the retail repair industry and I was wondering if you'd like to join me?

As I grow my company, I sometimes wonder about industry shattering events that would disrupt the market. If SquareTrade launched retail repair stores – that’d be a big one. You have a trusted brand name. You’re in the business of protecting consumer electronics. You have an established supply chain of parts, experience in repairs, and a country full of customers. You’d have a HUGE advantage over every existing chain, and that’s before you consider the added insurance plans you could sell.

And honestly, I think SquareTrade needs this. The tech repair industry is maturing and people are becoming less reliant on insurance. To combat that, I firmly believe SquareTrade should consider a stronger pivot into device repair – and I can help.

I know this industry. I’m intimately familiar with uBreakiFix & CPR and how their processes work from marketing to operations and staffing. To be frank, operating stores are easy if you can bring in enough customers. We're fighting in our local markets for SEO positioning, brand recognition, and service differentiation. With SquareTrade - all that changes. 

Seriously, I’m just looking for 10 minutes. I an entrepreneur and a smart guy. Give me 10 minutes and an open mind, and let me share my vision. Maybe you don’t get much out of it, or maybe it leads to a billion dollar pivot for SquareTrade.

Thanks for your time and feel free to browse our website. When you're ready, you can reach me at