Top 5 Bars & Lounges in Davie, FL

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We’ve added a little list of our favorite places to kick back and relax in the Davie area.  If you haven’t been to any of these places, we recommend you check em out! Or don’t, I’m not your boss. Either way, we didn’t want to clutter up this page so if you want to learn more about any of these places (beyond our description) feel free to check out their own websites.  I’m sure they would appreciate it as well!

Ye Olde Falcon Pub

Ye Olde Falcon Pub brings a little piece of England to southern Florida with its Fish & Chips and entire aesthetic – but it’s not just a gimmick!  They have a large selection of draft beers (48) including many unique beers that may or may not be there next week. Open from 11am until 4am, you can stop in for a quick bite around noon and then be back later that night to hang out with your friends until the early morning.  With two trivia nights and a karaoke night, this bar seems to have it all.

Geronimos (Closed Temporarily)

Geronimo’s is temporarily closed because they’re moving locations!  It’s an exciting time for them, and we expect them to open back up in a month or two in their new spot bigger and better than ever. It’s a restaurant, a sports bar, a traditional bar, happy-hour destination, whatever you want it to be.  36 beers on tap, a full liquor bar, over 100 total beers, on top of their food selection of classic bar food.  All of this is available until 4am for the night owls in the group.

Kahookah Café

This is a cute hookah lounge located right across the street from Broward College.  Kahookah Café is known for having a good selection of flavors to follow up with funnel cake or wings.  For those of you who enjoy hookah lounges, people seem to like the atmosphere and music almost as much as the hookah itself, making this a spot to check out if that’s your thing.

Arabica Cafe

Another hookah lounge, this one is a bit more lively and amped (at times) than the typical lounge.  With daily specials throughout the week and a wide array of beers and wines available, this café caters to the young adult/older college crowd pretty hard.  “College Thursdays”, “Fever Fridays”, and $15 unlimited mimosas on Sundays gives this place pretty active vibe.

Round Up Nightclub & Restaurant

Round Up Nightclub & Restaurant is another lively, exciting place to be in the Davie area.  It’s open from 6pm to 4am Wednesday through Saturday, and even from 6pm to 1am on Sunday, so that should tell you plenty.  They have events regularly, so if you’re into country dancing keep on the lookout here!  If none of that nightlife interests you, it is also a pleasant restaurant (which makes sense, seeing as it opens at 6pm) that serves legitimate entrees and not just typical bar grub.