Top 5 Fun Places for the Family in Davie

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We like to consider ourselves part of the community, and as such, we’d like to provide a list of a few of our favorite places in Davie for family activities!  And of course, if your kids crack a phone screen or spill water on your tablet… we hope you know who to call ????

We don’t mean to drone on and on and clutter up the list, so if you’d like to learn more about each of the following we recommend going to their websites!

Tree Tops Park

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A beautiful and enormous park with picnic areas, playgrounds, a lake for fishing, a marsh area for wandering around, equestrian trails, regular hiking trails, and more.  This really is the quintessential park that has everything you could ask for and more.

Vista View Park

Another gigantic park, somewhat similar to Tree Tops Park but probably better suited to hosting large groups of people (birthdays and other gatherings) with its 8 shelters.  It also has playgrounds, paved walking trails, a fitness trail with exercise equipment, fishing areas and horse trails.

Flamingo Gardens

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The 60-acre botanical garden boasts the largest group of native Florida wildlife in the state – in addition to the gorgeous gardens themselves.  Flamingo Gardens is home to the largest tree (one of the 18 champion trees there) in Florida as well as several specialized gardens, like their Butterfly and Hummingbird garden.

Young At Art Museum

The Young at Art museum is a wonderful place to go, because kids can explore their more creative side and perhaps you get to discover your inner child again!  There are events happening here all the time, and if you’d rather not go during an event you can go during their normal open hours.  Learn more about other cultures, about artwork in general, and maybe even try your own hand at making something memorable.

Old School Davie Historical Museum

This one might not be as “exciting” as the other things on the list, but we included it to remind everyone of the first school that was in Davie – and now it serves as a museum to remind us of how far Davie (and the entire Broward County area) have come.  The Old Davie School shows us what life was like 100 years ago, before Southern Florida became truly developed.