Top-tier Laptop Shake-up – Macbooks Falling?

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While tablets and mini-computers are becoming more popular, it appears pretty clear that the laptop computer is something that will not go out of style any time soon.  People may want their laptops to have touch-screen capabilities, that crossover with tablets, or they may want a laptop that has the processing power and RAM of a higher-end desktop for gaming or video editing purposes.  With our modern-day technology, there are tons of different types of laptops you can have.  However, the general “rankings” of different laptop-producing companies has been shaken up in 2017, with Macbooks falling behind the pack.

According to Laptop Mag Apple has fallen all the way to 5th place in their surveys, with the top spot going to LenovoAsus, Dell, and HP are between Lenovo and Apple.  Why is that the case?  I believe it is because Apple has been riding the same model for several years now, and while it was revolutionary at first, the other options have made up the gap, and then continued to innovate in their own ways. This isn’t to say that Apple is circling the drain by any means, but their laptops are lacking some features that their competitors have.

Macbooks don’t have touch-screen options available, and that is a feature that is becoming more common in new laptops very rapidly.  Why don’t they implement this feature?  Perhaps they don’t want to risk losing sales of iPads, or they don’t want to follow in the steps of Microsoft, but either way, they don’t have a real touch-screen option yet.  They are alternative options if you NEED to have a touchscreen, (Air Bar for example is on the way) but it is still surprising that Apple has not directly implemented touchscreens yet on their laptops.

Newer models of Macbooks often don’t come with simple USB ports!  While this seems like it could be industry suicide, it could also be a ploy to get people to buy more (Apple brand) adapters.  That seems like a stretch, but it is a rather consumer-hostile move, to force your consumer to buy several adapters in addition to your newest model.  However, this is something that Apple can do for one simple reason:

Macbook users will continue to be Macbook users.

If you’ve been “got” by Apple, you may acknowledge their overly high prices in addition to their other flaws, but you have a Macbook because you like it.  You like the interface, you like the simple design, you probably like that if you have a problem, Apple Support is there for you!  Especially if you have an iPhone and iPad, they know they’ve got you cornered so they don’t need to keep innovating, until their brand’s sparkle wears off.  And by then, they will likely have created the NEXT best thing, and they will continue to maintain their global dominance in the tech industry.

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