FAQ Category: Macbook Diagnostic

  • How much does a Macbook diagnostic cost?

    We offer free estimates and diagnostics on all types of devices! So the cost comes down to what’s wrong with your Macbook, and if you want to proceed with repair. If the price is too high – we understand, but in most cases repair is much cheaper than replacement.

  • How long can I expect a diagnostic to take?

    Most repairs can take anywhere from 1-5 days, depending on what is wrong.  If it’s a software issue, we can usually get it back very quickly, but this all depends on what kind of repair we’re trying to do here.

  • What should I do next?

    You can either give us a call to ask us a few questions (what is wrong with my Macbook/can you guys fix it) or feel free to bring it in so we can get a firsthand look at it.  We would recommend us being able to see it, but if you’re in a rush, a…

  • I have a problem I can’t find on your site. Can you still fix my Macbook?

    We may not have your unique problem listed on our site, but rest assured that we are up to the task. Macbooks, though typically reliable, can have countless problems to fix, so we may not have a page dedicated to it but we can typically fix any and all computer problems.