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Customize Your Phone or Tablet

Make it your own

So you've got the latest, greatest tech. Well... so does everyone else. Take it a step further and get your device customized to you. We offer a variety of services surrounding device engraving, custom color applications, and more. Let us know what you're interested in and we'll be happy to help!

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Device Engravings

Device engravings are great for both security and personalization. Getting a custom engraved device allows you to add things like your name and phone number to your device in case it gets lost or stolen, or add a customized design to truly make the device your own. Contact us today for options on device engraving!

Customized Color Designs

Many phones are only released in a handful of colors. We offer a service to either interchange screens, casings, etc. from existing color offerings or source and install third party alternate color designs. Want a pink iPhone? We might be able to make that happen for you. 

Come see us at your local store or give us a call and let them know what you're interested in. We'll let you know what options are available for your device!