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  • Laptops & Desktops

  • Typically enterprise level machines built to last 8-10+ years

  • 90 Day Warranty – Extended Warranties Available

  • Variety of Brands & Models, Available

  • Variety of refurbished, unused, and pre-owned computers

  • Our “A grade” computers are nearly perfect

  • Upgrades Available – SSD Size, RAM, etc.

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  • Fast and Reliable – at a GREAT Price!

“Fast and Reliable, at a great price!”

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Tier 1: Low cost / Great value

Our Price: $149-249
Compare to New Retail: $300-650

These used computers for sale are ideal for basic home use, some work users, younger kids or seniors with less demands on speed. They are ideal for those who need to buy a computer on a budget.

These computers are great for basic usage including web browsing and email, writing papers or doing basic projects, and can typically handle basic video streaming services.

Generally Business Grade A & B. Models Vary, Call for Details

Tier 2: Fast and Reliable

*Most Popular!

Our Price: $249-449
Compare to New Retail: $750-1250

These computers are ideal for most users including students or working professionals as an everyday use machine. They work great for either home or office use, or as a family machine.

You can use this computer for email, web browsing, Netflix or video streaming, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or any other standard workplace programs and apps. This is our most popular category because these machines are ideal for most users, and come at a great price. This is what our owner recommends to his family when they need a new computer, instead of buying a $1000+ new machine.These computers are great for basic usage including web browsing and email, writing papers or doing basic projects, and can typically handle basic video streaming services.

Limited Availability in Stock. Custom Orders Always Available.

Tier 3: Executive Quality

Our Price: $449-699
Compare to New Retail: $1500-2000

These computers are ideal for any user who wants increased performance, or better specs. These are great as everyday use machines in more demanding office environments. They also work well for travel and professional needs.

They typically have increased performance, support most gaming needs, can handle standard video editing, multitasking, and running a lot of open tabs or apps at once. Some models may be designed for blazing speed and performance, whereas others are super-lightweight and powerful for travel.


Starts at: $999
Built new, custom to your specs

A custom PC build delivers exactly what you need. Custom builds can be the right solution for anyone, but are especially useful for:

  • High End Gaming Desktops
  • High Performance Work Machines
  • Graphics & Video Editing

We build desktops to fit your individual needs. Some users need a faster CPU while others need GPU optimized performance. Whether you’re mining for bitcoins, creating HD movie trailers, or just want to check your email REALLY fast – we can help.

Our Fast and Reliable Machines are the Same Ones Our Owner Suggests to His Family.

We sell a variety of refurbished, unused, and pre-owned computers. These computers are typically enterprise level machines that were released with top of the line specs and built to last 8-10+ years. These computers usually come from warehouse overstock, corporate, education, or government agencies.

Because these machines are lightly (or never) used, they are in AMAZING condition. Our “A grade” computers are nearly perfect and our “B grade” computers look like they’ve been used for all of one week. We could probably even say these computers were new and most of you would believe us!

They are also FAST and RELIABLE. Business class laptops sell at a premium because they are built much more robustly and with top performance in mind. But because enterprise clients buy these machines in such high quantities and refresh stock regularly, wholesalers are able to buy these machines at auction. This allows us to bring you top quality computers at an unbeatable price!