Upgrade Your Computer

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

If your computer isn’t FAST, you’re doing it wrong. These days, a FAST computer is not only affordable – but easy to achieve. However, there are several different ways we can try to speed your computer up. 

Replacing your hard drive with an SSD (solid state drive) is the most universal way to increase your computer’s speed, but a RAM upgrade or reinstall could also be the solution you’re looking for. 

Luckily, if you bring it into your local store, we can take a look at it and figure out what’s holding your computer back, and go from there!

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Speed Up Your Computer

Upgrading to an SSD has never been easier or more affordable, and the impacts really can’t be overstated. If your computer is just feeling slow and clunky, but you don’t want to get a new computer – the SSD is definitely the answer.

Moving from an HDD to an SSD is a fairly simple process, but it can speed up your computer 5-10x overnight, giving you a computer that feels new. Not only that, but we can clone your data as it is right now, so we can give you your machine just like it was when you brought it in, except it’ll boot up in a few seconds instead of several minutes.

If you’re interested in giving your computer a second life, come see your local store and we’ll work on getting your computer up to speed in no time! 

Increase Storage Space

If you’ve been running out of storage space and need a bigger hard drive (or solid state drive!) we’ve got you covered. We can either upgrade your current hard drive to one with more storage, upgrade you to an SSD (you won’t believe how fast it will be) or set you up with an external hard drive if you just want it for backup purposes. Whatever solution is best, we’re here to help.

Get More Power

We offer more than just storage and RAM upgrades – we can upgrade or replace any part of your computer. That means GPU (graphics card) swaps, power supply replacements, or even CPU and motherboard replacements in extreme cases! We can help put together custom PCs, or we can give you a hand when something goes wrong with yours.