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Computer Blue Screen Repair

A blue screen of death on your laptop or desktop does NOT mean your computer is dead! It means it’s time to bring the computer by our office to let us tell you WHY you’re getting blue screens. To fix a blue screen of death error, we’ll need to run a few tests to determine what is causing the error. Here’s a few common problems that can cause a BSOD:

Hard drive failure

If your hard drive starts to fail, your computer may freeze or blue screen in the middle of use! We can run a hard drive test and backup your data and replace the drive if necessary!

Virus Infection

If your computer is virus infected, it could cause your computer to behave erratically. One of the problems might be blue screening. We’ll run a virus scan and get you cleaned up!

Windows Update Failed

Were you running a Windows Update when your computer started to give you blue screen errors? Unfortunately this is far too common; but fortunately it’s a problem we’re good at resolving!

Memory failure

A bad memory stick could also be the problem. Though memory is less likely to fail then other components, it still happens! We’ll run a memory diagnostic to determine if your RAM (Random Access Memory) is still working!

We offer estimates and we’d love to do the legwork and determine why you’re getting blue screens!  If you don’t want to fix it, no problem! We can always just get your data or you can pick it up – no charge!


Don’t want to bring it in just yet? Fill out our Ask a Question form and we’ll try our best to help you out without seeing the machine! Or just give us a call; we’re open every day but Sunday!

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