We Are Still Open For Business.

We understand the concern surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and we’d like to assure all current and future customers that we are handling the virus seriously, but calmly.

Our first priority is still our customer base and our staff – professionally handling repair needs and keeping customers connected to loved ones, while keeping our employees safe and employed.

We are taking the necessary in-store precautions to ensure that both you and our staff remain safe during these times. This includes keeping surfaces clean, practicing proper hygiene, and wiping down devices with tech-friendly disinfectant.

Overall, we are committed to keeping our doors open, serving customers, and safeguarding our employees. We are committed to keeping our staff family whole, and have made commitments to not let any staff members go during this time. We have also committed to keeping work hour reductions to a minimum.

To fulfill this promise though – we need your help. We need you to maintain your trust in us that we can service your devices safely. We are committed to the health of our customers, staff, and community, but we are also committed to the financial well-being of everyone that we employ.