How Do I Know if My LCD Screen is Broken on My iPhone?

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Did you know that hundreds of people across the world are probably dropping their iPhones as you read this? If you’ve set your iPhone on a slippery surface or if it has fallen out of your hand and taken a fall, join the club. Almost everyone has dropped their phone at some point in time.

Can You Fix a Broken iPhone LCD Screen?

If you have cracked the screen on your iPhone, don’t despair – chances are your phone hasn’t kicked the bucket and can be repaired. But just how complicated (and how expensive) is it to fix a broken iPhone screen?

That all depends on what component in your iPhone screen is broken.

Anatomy of an iPhone Screen:

Beginning with the iPhone 4, Apple began building iPhone assemblies comprised of an LCD, iPhone digitizer and an outer glass surface all fused together – an improvement over iPhone 3 and 3GS, models that suffered from dust making its way under the glass.

Glass: This outer piece protects the inside components of your iPhone screen from the elements. It is a piece of glass, made specifically for your phone.

Digitizer: This is a very thin see-through layer tucked in between the LCD and the glass. This is the component that senses “touch,” responding to finger gestures on the phone.

LCD: Short for Liquid Crystal Display, this is the thin, flat technology that actually “displays” images on your device.

iPhone LCD Repair Cost

The cost of your iPhone screen repair will vary depending on which component is broken. If you have broken the glass only, the it will be a quick and inexpensive repair. However, if the LCD is broken the repair will cost more.

How can You tell if the LCD is cracked on your iPhone?

Keep an Eye Out For:

  • A screen that is completely black
  • Discoloration, blurred spots, or black sections on your screen
  • A “rainbow of colors” seen underneath the glass
  • Patterns or lines under the glass
  • Lack of touch sensitivity

These are good indications that your LCD screen might be damaged.

If the glass is shattered, but the touchscreen function still works, chances are, it is just the glass that is broken.

Keep in mind that the LCD is placed behind the glass and digitizer – so if the LCD is damaged, chances are the glass and digitizer are broken as well.

How Can I Avoid Breaking my LCD Screen Again?

Keep Your LCD Screen Clean

Use a regular wipe to remove dust and keep it debris free. If grime or oil gets onto your phone’s surface, use 70% rubbing alcohol and a piece of flannel to wipe off your phone. Be sure to avoid ammonia-based cleaning products, window or glass cleaners with paper towels or rough cloths.

Use a Screen Protector

Screen film is transparent and thin with a sticky side that you can apply to your screen’s surface. This will protect your iPhone from typical problems associated with daily use like scratches. You can peel it off and replace it with a new one every couple of months.

Take Measures to Avoid Dropping Your iPhone

Try to avoid carrying your phone with you during vigorous activity like exercise and keep your iPhone in a protective case. The extra barrier will help protect your screen against cracks, scratches and dents. You can even purchase a case designed to shield your iPhone against shock.

My LCD is Broken, What Do I Do Now?

There are a variety of options you can choose from:

  • You can wait until the next upgrade – you can deal with a cracked screen if the glass is just broken until you receive your next new model.
  • You can attempt to repair the phone yourself – this is a good option for extremely tech savvy people, not for the weak at heart.
  • You can bring your iPhone to the Apple store, which is doable if you have insurance.
  • If you are looking for convenience, don’t have insurance and need a quick turnaround, you can bring your phone to a local third party iPhone repair shop. This is often the quickest, cheapest and most convenient way to fix your iPhone, and it is a dependable fix.