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The smartphone continues to reign supreme as the most important and most often used form of tech by people on a daily basis. However, even though the smartphone has been around for nearly a decade (take the time to let that sink in) people still aren’t aware of how to fully take advantage of all that it has to offer. With the invention of the first iPhone, we were introduced to a whole new realm of possibilities through the wonderful world of applications. More often referred to as simply, “apps”, these gadgets have become just as important to maximizing the use of an iPhone as the phone itself. There truly is an app for everything Whether your preference is for food, music, sports, movies, etc., there are countless apps that can be used to fit your particular interests. However, if you are unsure which apps may be the best to use, we will run through some of the top apps that you can get right now to help maximize your experience. In this list, the apps will be from different categories, so we can cover the top apps depending on your interests and needs.  Some of them are free, some are paid, but this is the Top 5 Must-Have Apps for your iPhone.


  1. Music: Spotify (monthly subscription)


When it comes to a smartphone, the ability to have your personal music all in one library is an essential part. However, many people don’t like having to pay over a dollar for each song on Apple, so they look for alternative ways to stream their music. Well, look no further. Spotify can be downloaded for free, and a subscription costs about $9.99 per month. However, the price is worth it compared to having to pay $10 for 10 songs on iTunes. Spotify allows the user to listen to music on demand, with the ability to search and listen to any song you want. You can also download the songs to your phone, that way you can listen your music even when you are offline. So, whether you go on a plane or don’t have internet in some way, you can listen to all of you favorite music on Spotify without any internet required. The app also has features that allow you to discover new content that you have never heard before. Basically, think of Spotify as like the Netflix of music. Instead of buying each individual movie (song in this case), you pay a monthly fee and you have all the music you desire in the palm of your hands.  The free alternative is Pandora (or Pandora One, if you don’t want commercials) but you don’t get to pick exactly what songs you want, just what type or genre you want to hear.


  1. Sports: Bleacher Report (free)

bleacher reportNow, if you’re someone who just can’t get enough of sports, Bleacher Report is the app for you. Many apps have tried to bring a revolutionary experience to how we consume sports, but only one has succeeded so far. Twitter has all the quick hits from sports reporters, the ESPN app has all the scores, and the ESPN Fantasy app lets you keep track of your fantasy sports teams. Well, if you prefer to have all of those apps in one, then download Bleacher Report. Free to download and free to use, Bleacher Report combines all the good things from the apps listed above and puts them into one. The scores for each sport are able to be accessed from the top of the main page, and below that is all the articles and breaking news stories that are most relevant. This is the general part of the page, but the app allows the user more customization. You are able to pick and choose your favorite teams, players, fantasy leagues, etc., and get alerts and breaking news on what you choose – or not at all! For example, if your favorite team is the Boston Red Sox, Bleacher Report has a whole separate section dedicated just to this team. It features breaking news and scores, in-depth articles on the state of your team, and quick hits from twitter whenever a sports writer mentions the Red Sox. It is a completely customizable and immersive sports experience, and you cannot call yourself a true sports fan if you don’t have the app.


  1. Transportation : Uber (pay-as-you-need)

uberIf you like to keep up with pop culture and what is going on in society, then odds are you have heard of what Uber is before this – along with Lyft!  This one is a toss-up, and if Lyft is higher in popularity near you I would suggest going with Lyft.  We went with Uber, because it is more popular around our stores (for the most part). Uber is a service that is continuing to grow across the nation, and it is quickly becoming one of the most downloaded apps on Apple. With the Uber app, you are able to quickly request transportation from your location, and it lets you know the exact time it will arrive. Uber is much safer than a regular taxi service, as the app provides the name and background information of your driver, so you can already decide whether or not you feel comfortable with that particular driver. The Uber app also allows you to track exactly where the driver is on the map before they arrive to your location. The reason Uber is becoming so vastly popular compared to other forms of transportation is because it allows the user a better way to ensure that their transportation will be swift, safe, and satisfactory.


  1. Shopping: ibotta (they can pay you!)

ibottaWhen people go out shopping, their goal often seems to be to use the least amount of money necessary in order to buy what they need. Whether it is at the store, in the paper, or online, there are always numerous deals that can save you money when you shop. Well, the iPhone has an app just for that. Ibotta works in a pretty simple way, every time you spend money you save money. There are three ways in which to use the ibotta app. You can either send receipts, link a loyalty card, or use mobile in-app purchases. So for example, before you go shopping you would add rebates onto the app from the store where you are going to shop. Once you shop there, you can send a picture of the receipt that ibotta will match to your rebates. Then, the money you receive from the rebates will be sent to the bank account that you linked. You can also do this by linking a loyalty card with the store locations available on ibotta. The app uses some of the most popular places to shop, such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Publix. Considering that most people need to shop at these stores anyway, why not save some money at the same time? Because of this, ibotta is becoming one of the faster-growing apps today.


  1. Pictures/ Movies: iMovie (one-time fee)

Image result for imovieOne of the biggest advantages that the smartphone has given us is the ability to take high-quality photos and videos with the touch of a finger on our phones. However, it may be that you want to string some of your photo collection or video collection together to make it more special. iMovie allows the user to create a collaboration of photos and videos to better commemorate a trip or event. With a cost of only $4.99, iMovie is an easily accessible app that provides even novice users with an easy way to edit their memories together. Whether you choose to make a collage, slideshow, or mini-movie, iMovie has many different features that can fit your desires. iMovie is a way to take regular pictures or videos, and enhance them into one movie-like experience.


These are just some of the apps that can be taken advantage of on your iPhone. There are countless others to discover, and there is always one out there for you based on your interests. These 5 apps are just a few of the essential ones that can enhance your smartphone and the way you use it.  If you have other apps that you think we should consider listing here, shoot an email to!